Leave school at 3:00 every day and have a personal life again.
The 3 PM Teacher Series will show you how to make the most use of your time while still protecting it.
The training starts this summer!

Are you ready to work smarter, not harder and have more time for the things you love (both in and out of the classroom)?

Learn how to create systems so that you can be more efficient, have more time teaching, and still have time to shut off from work at the end of the day!

Don't Miss this Opportunity!

You’re in the right place if…
You are tired, overwhelmed, and
stressed out!
You want to be the best teacher you can be without continuing to sacrifice all of your time.
You know something’s got to change, even if you’re not sure how!
You want to leave school on time without bringing work home!
Here’s what you’ll get 
by joining the FREE
THE 3 PM TEACHER Video Series:
  • Actionable Steps for organizing your classroom so   that you feel prepared.
  • Say "See ya!" to frustration, confusion, and overwhelm.
  • Peace of mind knowing that it will be OK!

About Easy Teaching Tools
Hi there, I’m Kristen!
Elementary teacher since 2005, new momma, Bravo binge-watcher, and classroom organization ninja!
I've earned my Master's Degree in Education with anemphasis in reading in addition to my Reading SpecialistCertificate. 
Since 2010, I’ve been helping teachers just like you implement classroom hacks to save time, get organized, and discover that magical thing called work/life balance on my website, EASY TEACHING TOOLS.
I present at professional development events around the country (like SDE Nationals), snagged myself a spot in Gerry Brooks' new book, and help thousands of teachers through my blog, Facebook group, and handy batch of classroom resources. In short, I know my stuff.
to learn how to leave at 3:00 everyday and completely shut off  from school. 
What  Teachers are Saying!
Ashley Zunde
5th grade, 7 years experience
"I feel like I am more organized and happier. I do not leave for the day until my desk is cleared off and clean. It feels great coming in the next day with a clean start."
This helped get me out of my rut with fresh ideas and ways to simplify my life
Kelly Dalton
1st grade, 24 years experience
I became a better, more efficient, and happy teacher after taking this class. I fell in love with teaching again because the other parts became manageable.
If you aren't sure, take the chance and say yes for you, your class, and your family! I wish I had found this years ago! Thank you, from every part of my life.
Megan Martin
Kindergarten, 6 years experience
"I don't feel as drained when I come home. Because of that, I am able to give more quality time to my own children."
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